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About us

Replacement Kits offers a variety of replacement parts for the professional and DIY repair person. All of our kits have verified parts and are manufactured with quality materials. In this day in age it is sometimes difficult to know what is a quality replacement part. Let us help by shipping you quality made product that fits & works! Seals & Bearings are not all equal and you want to choose a quality materials & manufacturers. TPI(Tung Pei) & Koyo are just a few of those quality manufacturers we use to supply our customers with the best tested parts on the market. Our bearing & seals are made in Taiwan and use high grade materials. All parts QCed inspected in USA. Our sister company is a long standing import & distribution company that sells many sealing type products to a variety of distributors and OEM's. Replacement Kits saw a need to bring our knowledge of seals and rubber parts to the DIY and job shop's. If you have any questions, please just ask.