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Polaris Ranger 700 800 Water Pump Crankcase Seal Replaces 5412455 & 5411184

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Replacement Kits aftermarket Polaris Ranger 700 & 800 Water Pump Crankcase Seal is made with the Highest Quality 100% DuPont Viton® verses our competitors which use standard NBR material. The reason we use DuPont Viton® material is below. Replacement Kits encourages you to read below and decide for yourself.

Benefits of Viton®

Compared to most other elastomers, Viton® is better able to withstand high temperature, while simultaneously retaining its good mechanical properties. Oil and chemical resistance are also essentially unaffected by elevated temperatures. Compounds of Viton® remain substantially indefinitely when exposed to laboratory air oven aging up to 204°C or to intermittent exposures up to 316°C.

Viton® grades also resist degradation from a wider variety of chemicals and fluids – including oils, fuels, lubricants and most mineral acids – than any other non-fluorinated elastomer. In layman’s terms, that means it provides the best fluid resistance of any commercial rubber. With its low permeability to such a broad range of substances, Viton® is known to deliver exceptionally good performance in oxygenated automotive fuels.

The rugged characteristics Viton® don’t stop there however. Because it also display’s good resistance to compression, even at temperatures that would make other non-fluorinated elastomers brittle. It is also especially resistant to atmospheric oxidation, sun, climatic conditions, fungus and mold. Furthermore, Viton® has good electrical properties (in low voltage, low frequency applications) and low burning characteristics.


  • 1 Oil Seal, DuPont Viton 
  • 2005  to 2016
  • Ranger 700
  • Ranger 800
  • XP
  • Crew Models
  • 4 x 4
  • 6 x6 
  • Equivalent to 5412455 & 5411184



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