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John Deere 48 & 54 inch M110024 Replacement Spindle Bearings 6pc 425,445,455

Replacement Kits


Replacement Kits Aftermarket 3 Pack   Spindle Bearing (Only) for John Deere 48 & 54 inch Mower Decks. Our kit repairs John Deere spindle AM121342 includes the following:

  • 6pc High Quality Aftermarket Bearings (Equivlaent M110024)
  • You may need spacers or you might be able to use the exsisting ones.
  • Our bearings are quality aftermarket made by TPI in Taiwan (not China)
  • TPI (Tung Pei Bearing) are a very well know and trusted imported brand of bearing under technical co-operation with NTN Corp-Japan. 
  • You can hear the quality by turning the inner race.

Fits the following models with 48 and 54 inch Decks 

F510                      X324                   2254HV

GT242                   X340                   2354HV

GT262                   X500                   240

GT275                   X520                   2554HVG

X255                      X534                   260

GX325                   X540                   265

GX335                   X700                   325

GX345                   X720                   335

GX355                   X724                   345

G100                     X728                   355D

LTR155                  X740                   2210

LTR166                  X744                   4010 

LTR180                  X748                   4110

LX176                    Z425                   411

LX178                    Z445                   4210

LX186                    116                     4310

LX188                    116H                   4410

LX280                    1842GV               4510

LX289                    1848GV               4610

SST16                   1848HV               4710

SST18                   1842HV               S2048


S2348                    1948HV              S2554

2048HV                  X320                  2148HV




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